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The Daddying Blog

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The Daddying blog provides commentary, research, personal narratives, reviews & recommendations, and other creative expressions from a diverse group of parenting colleagues, guest writers, and experts to raise awareness and promote the benefits of lifelong dad involvement.


Here are links to our D3F-related blog posts:

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How We're Embarking on A Daddying Mission of JOY for the New Year  1/5/23

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Being A Dad Gave Me The Best Creative Fuel To Launch A "Space Cadet" by Justin Roberts  6/9/22

Appreciation of Dads In Their Presence and Absence May Be Reaching All-Time High  4/28/22

 Why Not Ask Consumers of Daddying for Their Heartfelt "Reviews?"  2/9/22

“I love how the Daddying Film Festival’s theme and program showcase dads from a kid’s perspective. Kids expressing themselves through film and also evaluating their peers’ short-films as judges is sure to get them thinking more critically about the value and impact of content they consume in today’s media.”

- Filmmaker, Actor & Dad, David Alan Basche

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