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Virtual Festival - June 4-11, 2023
Live Forum (in New Mexico) - June 24-25

WHY does the D3F exist?

Our relationship with our father – in its presence or its absence – is one of the most important relationships in our lives. Because kids are most directly impacted by a dad’s involvement or his absence, we offer them a creative outlet to freely express their feelings about their relationships with their dads or dad figures, and likewise, we provide a complementary opportunity for dads. D3F’s mission is to:


  • Shine a spotlight on the importance of dads in their presence and in their absence.

  • Provide opportunities for kids and fathers alike to reflect upon and express feelings about what daddying qualities are most important to them; what kind of dad a father wants to be, and what kind of dad a kid wants and needs.

  • Provide opportunities for emotional authenticity, creativity, and originality.

  • Portray a variety of family dynamics in order to explore and encourage constructive relationships.

  • Demonstrate film- and/or video-making skills and production values.


Our D3F 2023 program broadens the spotlight to include dads in its call-for-entries as more men are recognizing the critical role they can play in their kids’ lives and are embracing the opportunity to do so as they move from being perceived as an understudy to being accepted as a parenting co-star. After all, when men are positively involved, all measures of social well-being improve for kids, fathers, families, and communities. And even though the benefits to kids and youth of positive dad involvement are increasingly known and supported by research, including dads in the program will help demonstrate some of the lesser-recognized benefits dads get from being involved in their children’s lives.


WHEN/WHERE is the 2023 D3F?

D3F’s call for submissions begins Monday, January 16. The virtual D3F will take place June 4-11, 2023, with finalists participating in a moderated discussion before the winners are announced at an online Atticus Awards Ceremony on Sunday, June 11. The recorded ceremony and discussions will be made available to other groups in order to encourage greater father involvement. The first annual Daddying Film Forum will take place in New Mexico on Saturday and Sunday, June 24 and 25 (site and event times TBD). Forums in subsequent years may be held in other parts of the country.


WHO May Submit a Film?

Students (1st grade through college undergraduates), dads/dad figures, and other independent filmmakers are eligible to submit films/videos that relate in some way to one of the three D3F themes:


  1. A letter to my father/A letter to my daughter/son

  2. The most joyful/fun thing I ever did or wish I could do with my father and/or daughter/son

  3. If I could make one wish come true for my dad and/or son/daughter it would be...


Students and dads may submit short films/videos of 1 to 7 minutes long. Adult, non-student independent filmmakers may submit longer short films and feature-length films.


All filmmakers must submit their films or smartphone-shot videos in MP4 or MOV format by uploading to the D3F FilmFreeway page (beginning January 16, 2023) Students (under 18) must have a parent's permission to register and upload films via FilmFreeway.



HOW are winners recognized?

D3F presents awards in 7 different voting categories, and up to five finalists are selected in each:

  1. 1st through 4th grade (elementary school)

  2. 5th through 8th (middle school)

  3. 9th through 12th (high school)

  4. College/university (undergraduate)

  5. Best Feature Film (non-student indie filmmakers)

  6. Best Short Film (students, dads, and other indie filmmakers)

  7. Best Film submitted by Dad/Dad Figure

All D3F student finalists earn a $250 award for use toward an activity or project to enjoy with their dad/dad figure. All D3F winners, including non-student, indie filmmakers, earn an “Atticus,” a statuette symbolizing Atticus Finch from the 1962 film based on Harper Lee’s book To Kill a Mockingbird. Finch, an iconic single dad, represents several ideal daddying qualities. Student Atticus winners also earn an additional scholarship to advance their studies or create a project encouraging positive dad involvement.

Starting in 2023, the best film submitted by a Dad will earn a special Atticus, the Roy R. Neuberger Prize, and $500 to use toward an activity or project with their child(ren).


All winners are selected by public, online vote during Festival week. For more information about the D3F and how to get involved as a participating filmmaker, potential juror, sponsor, national or local Advisory Team member, or other collaborator, please CONTACT US today!

Lights! Camera! Daddying!

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