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Virtual Festival - May 8-14, 2024
Live Forum in Philadelphia, PA - May 17, 2024

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What is The D3F?

“Daddying” is what occurs when fatherhood and nurturing converge in service to a child's well-being. The Daddying Film Festival and Forum (D3F), is not your ordinary film festival. D3F was created by the DADvocacy Consulting Group and its Daddy Appleseed Fund (DAF), to offer children and youth a stage to express through film/video how they feel about the relationship they have or wish they had with their dads.


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The inaugural virtual Daddying Film Festival in 2022 provided students and other non-student, independent filmmakers from 17 countries a worldwide stage to convey the importance of involved dads in their lives. In 2023, D3F expanded, attracting submissions from 21 countries while also specifically encouraging dad filmmakers to submit their own films for consideration. (Note: when we use the words "father" or "dad," we refer to all those who play a fatherly role.)

Students, dads/dad figures, and other indie filmmakers are encouraged to submit films or videos that relate in some way to one of D3F's themes:


  1. A letter to my father or A letter to my child(ren)

  2. The most joyful/fun thing I ever did with my father and/or child(ren)

  3. If I could make one wish come true for my dad and/or child(ren) it would be...


Based on our experience with the Festival, and to improve the daddying experience for children and dads alike, D3F includes a stand-alone, “live” Daddying Film Forum that brings children/youth together with their dads to examine thoughts, feelings, and insights in response to D3F-screened films and to express them through group discussion and other creative means.

Dads are important to children and children are important to dads.

Families and communities are better off when fathers and children

are positively involved in each other's lives.

* D3F logo designed by "imagineer" Ana Mei, age 11

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All Videos

All Videos

All Videos
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2023 PSA for Daddying Film Forum World Premiere in NM

2023 PSA for Daddying Film Forum World Premiere in NM

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2022 Daddying FF Award Ceremony

2022 Daddying FF Award Ceremony

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A Welcome to the 2022 Daddying Film Festival

A Welcome to the 2022 Daddying Film Festival

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CALL FOR ENTRIES: Monday, January 1, 2024
Early Bird Deadline: February 5

All Student/Adult Submissions Due: March 4

Extended Submissions Deadline: March 25

Film Acceptance Notification: April 22

D3F Festival (virtual): May 8-14

Atticus Awards Ceremony (virtual): TBA

D3F Film Forum: May 17 in Philadelphia, PA

* dates subject to change

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